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Friday 19th of October 2018
June 26, 2008

AXA resonds to Pitt Report

by Gill Montia

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AXA resonds to Pitt Report

Following yesterday’s publication of the final report of the Pitt Review of last summer’s flooding, AXA has responded in the form of a statement from its claims director, David Williams.

Mr Williams said that the company welcomed the report and will be studying its practical recommendations aimed at preventing and mitigating the effects of flooding.

The review concluded that the insurance industry generally responded well to the 2007 floods and the AXA spokesman pledged to continue to make every effort to provide the best possible support to flood victims.

He also expressed enthusiasm for the development of a voluntary guidance to cover reasonable expectations of service performance from insurers.

In addition, AXA plans to play a part in a National Resilience Forum that could help to facilitate national level planning for flooding and other emergencies.

Given that 75% of the company’s 2007 flood claims resulted from drainage issues, Mr Williams said that AXA wholeheartedly supports the report’s recommendation that local authorities should create a definitive map of all drainage ditches and streams and include details of the bodies responsible for maintenance.

Finally, the insurer has pledged its commitment to providing information to help people make informed decisions about insurance and will continue to provide clear guidance to potential policyholders on flood risks and how this will affect their home insurance.


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