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Friday 22nd of February 2019
March 10, 2008

Insurers braced for Atlantic storm claims

by Gill Montia

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While insurers are still receiving claims for damage caused in last month’s earthquake, an Atlantic storm is raging across southern Britain.

Winds of up to 80 mph are forecast and the Environment Agency has issued seven flood warnings around the Cornish and Devonshire coasts.

Graeme Leitch, public weather assurance manager at the Met Office, says: “Westerly severe gales are forecast for during the day and into the early hours of Tuesday. Coastal areas of the extreme Southwest could see gusts up to 80 mph, with gusts of at least 60 mph further inland. There could be a risk of disruption to transport links and power supplies.”

According to David Rooke, head of flood risk management at the Environment Agency: “The strong winds will combine with Spring high tides to significantly elevate the water levels along the coast which is likely to cause some flooding. We understand that people are fascinated by the sea but at times like this we urge them not to go and watch the high waves – it is extremely dangerous and only takes a few seconds for someone to be knocked off their feet, into the water.”

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s bank has estimated that UK’s the most severe earthquake for nearly 25 years could result in 3,250 home insurance claims, costing tens of millions of pounds.


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