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Wednesday 22nd of May 2019
January 22, 2008

DAS Secure £2m Expenses Cover Contract

by Stewart Douglas

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Niche insurance firm Ecclesiastical has today announced that it has renewed its partnership with DAS to provide cover for legal expenses insurance over its specific client base, in a deal thought to be worth £2 million to the legal insurer over the duration of the agreement.

The terms of the agreement will see DAS, which is in its own right a specialist provider of legal expenses insurance cover, provide its policies to Ecclesiastical customers, which include charities, schools and public properties. As a result, Ecclesiastical customers will be able to derive benefit from claims on employment law expenses such as contractual disputes and actions for wrongful or unfair dismissal.

The move is seen as the continuation of a long standing partnership between Ecclesiastical and DAS, which has seen the pair provide complimentary services for several decades in the field of legal expenses cover, with Ecclesiastical drawing on the particular niche skills of DAS as a legal expenses cover provider.

DAS chief executive Paul Asplin, who was naturally delighted with the renewal of the partnership said: “DAS is absolutely delighted to continue our very successful partnership with Ecclesiastical in both the UK and Ireland. We were given a tough remit, but were able to respond positively to Ecclesiastical and help them and their niche customers face the future challenges of the ever changing legal environment”.

The move was also welcomed by Chris Lees of Ecclesiastical who said that the relationship was one likely to continue over the coming years. “DAS are the leading provider of legal expenses cover, and we’re looking forward to building a closer relationship with them over the coming years.”


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