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Sunday 26th of May 2019
December 31, 2007

Boxing Day for breakages; New Year’s Eve for burglaries

by Gill Montia

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Household insurers will be comparing the number of claims made over the festive period to see whether Boxing Day is continuing to establish itself as high risk period.

According to Sainsbury’s Home Insurance, household insurance claims for incidents on Boxing Day alone represented 12% of the total claims received in December of last year.

Many were as a result of breakages during family parties and Steve Johnson, Head of Home Insurance at Sainsbury comments: “It’s interesting that Boxing Day appears to be the worst day; maybe it’s because people are more inclined to let their hair down after the stress and strains of Christmas Day.”

Boxing Day 2006 was also a popular for break-ins but was surpassed by New Year’s Eve.

According to a survey by Abbey Insurance, 16% of homeowners (7.4 million people) will opt to stay at home this year, for fear of being burgled.

The majority of homeowners are aware of the dangers and if going out, plan to leave the lights and/or television on, to give the impression that they are still at home.

Historically burglary figures for New Year’s Eve are high, with up to 1.1 million break-ins taking place, as thieves take advantage of the fact that expensive Christmas gifts are lying around.

Those living in the South East need to be most vigilant because burglary rates are higher than in other parts of the country.

Abbey recommends that discarded packaging from Christmas presents should be concealed before it is disposed of because it can advertise the contents of a home to potential burglars.


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