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November 22, 2007

Check foreign road laws and insurance policies before driving overseas

by Richard Kilner

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British drivers should acquaint themselves with the laws of the road abroad if they intend driving whilst on holiday, says Insurancewide.com.

In addition, drivers should not simply assume they will be covered by their insurance policy abroad, but should check to confirm this is the case and, if necessary, rectify it.

Financial penalties and many difficulties can be easily avoided, James Harrison, the firm’s chief executive, has said, adding that it is definitely worth the small amount of effort to learn about foreign driving laws beforehand.

Further advice for drivers includes the suggestion that various documentation, such as insurance and car registration forms, should always be carried. Also, Green Cards, proof of third party insurance, should be acquired prior to travelling.

The Green Card is recognised internationally, Harrison has said, and is evidence of the minimum required insurance. However, he added, it does not cover damage to the vehicle or any medical bills that may occur.

Car owners should, perhaps obviously, make certain their cars are roadworthy and have them serviced pre-holiday.

Speed limits may be an area of especial importance, particularly in certain countries such as France when the limits are lowered automatically in the rain.

Some insurance that applies in the UK may not be extended to cover driving overseas, and insurers should be consulted to verify the situation instead of assuming that coverage abroad will be identical to coverage in the UK. Having coverage extended could incur extra costs and some aspects, such as breakdown assistance, may not be included at all.

Harrison advises all drivers to browse the market thoroughly for the best option for them.


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