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October 16, 2007

Lloyd’s launch graduate recruitment drive

by Richard Kilner

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Lloyd’s launch graduate recruitment drive

A new graduate recruitment drive has been launched by Lloyd’s to reinvigorate the insurance sector with fresh ideas and initiative.

The programme, lasting a year and a half, begins in September 2008 with an initial group 10 graduates to be rotated through Lloyd’s.

Richard Ward, the firm’s chief executive, has said that the drive’s purpose is to enlarge the pool of skilled individuals and recruit the young, talented people necessary to enable Lloyd’s to continue competing successfully within the marketplace.

Ward has stated that skilled individuals are a key commodity within the insurance sector, and that attaining and retaining such people is essential for a firm’s future success.

He went on to explain that Lloyd’s powerful position within the market means the firm can offer lucrative opportunities to graduates over a wide range of insurance from terrorism to celebrity body parts.

Sean McGovern, Lloyd’s general counsel and director, expressed his view that the programme would be of advantage to both Lloyd’s itself and the market as a whole. The drive, he said, would allow graduates good opportunities to gain valuable experience in a number of businesses in the market.

McGovern added that the CII has announced its own programme to attract graduates and the FSSC has formed a group to examine the situation of skills and recruitment within the insurance industry.

The recruitment programme will rotate individuals through Lloyd’s and the market, and includes an in-depth development programme and senior management supporting the graduates through a mentoring scheme.

A large number of campuses and careers fairs will be visited by Lloyd’s who are also employing a large scale advertising campaign in an effort to attract a strong calibre of graduate applicants.

Those interested in applying can do so at www.lloyds.com/graduates.


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