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October 11, 2007

Bridge Announced As Brokers Link Rep

by Stewart Douglas

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Insurance broker Bridge has today been announced as the exclusive UK broker for the global insurance network Brokers Link, establishing it as a firm player within the insurance market both domestically and internationally.

Bridge has been unveiled as the UK’s only representative body within Brokers Link, an international directory of insurance brokers, with some renown, from around the world, designed to allow cross marketing and networking on an international level.

The announcement has seen Bridge become the only UK insurance broker to be involved in the international broker network, giving it a distinct advantage over the competition within the insurance product marketplace globally, as well as nationwide.

By opening up the range of products available to Bridge clients, in addition to providing unlimited access to reputable insurance brokers and their offerings around the world, the Brokers Link membership is seen as the envy of other insurance brokers throughout the nation, and will undoubtedly give Bridge a competitive edge in the market.

The network was created to offer a platform to enable cross selling and promotion between international insurance brokers, as well as to provide prospective customers with a mark of quality service and performance.

The Chairman of Brokers Link has today said that Bridge will be a valuable addition to the international framework, providing value to its global member base through its experience and expertise in the field.

Meanwhile Mike Backner of Bridge was today visibly delighted to announce his company’s inclusion, which he said will rank Bridge alongside some of the massive global brokerage firms, ahead of its domestic competition.

Bridge is expected to use its inclusion within the Brokers Link as a stepping stone to build on its broker business at home, as well as winning large scale clients from foreign shores in the immediate future.


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