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October 1, 2007

Lorega Announced Appointment of Gribbon In Ongoing Expansion

by Stewart Douglas

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Lorega has today announced the high profile appointment of David Gribbon within its sales division to nurture broker relationships across the North of England, as part of an ongoing process of human resource development at a senior level.

Lorega, the leading claims advocate, has announced today that Gribbon will succeed to a senior position within its sales division, with responsibility for maintaining and developing existing broker relationships in the Northern region, with a view to extending current product distribution.

The move has been seen as part of a wider move to strengthen the organisation, which has seemed set on expansion and development over the coming few years for some time, with many notable high profile appointments seen as indicative of future intentions.

The move follows the recent appointment of new Chief Executive John Sims with a job description that involves pursuing aggressive growth within Lorega’s current market whilst expanding beyond its traditional horizons towards the end of the decade.

David Gribbon was formerly employed with AXA at a senior underwriting level, with dual responsibility for business development within the commercial insurance division. His appointment has been welcomed by Lorega officials speaking today, who have spoken volumes as to the value Gribbon will provide to their operation.

It is thought that Gribbon will bring with him several significant client relationships from AXA, as well as a personal connection with many in the existing Lorega broker network.

Lorega is best known in insurance circles for its innovative Loss Recovery Insurance product, which is now available through around 300 brokers nationwide. Its aggressive expansion policy over the next few years is designed to take full advantage over what it has calculated to be a £200 million UK market for advocacy services and its unique Loss Recover Insurance product.


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