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September 27, 2007

Brit Appoints Tim Grant To High Profile Position

by Stewart Douglas

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Brit Appoints Tim Grant To High Profile Position

Insurer Brit Insurance has today announced the high profile appointment of Tim Grant to the position of Distribution Leader within the small business and personal lines department.

The move will see the experienced Grant assume responsibility for increasing and developing distribution channels for Brit Insurance products within the small business and consumer categories, in an attempt to increase the company’s foothold within the insurance market.

Grant is currency employed at insurer AIG, where he is responsible as Profit Centre Manager for the AIG Combined division. The appointment will see Grant integrate within the current Brit management structure with specific authority and responsibility over the small corporate and consumer product lines Brit insurance currently has to offer.

Amongst some of his main responsibilities will be enhancing and nurturing Brit Insurance’s technology in trading products, particularly with a focus on trading insurance with brokers and consumers online through developing more advanced infrastructure for distribution of current product packages.

He will also take the reigns at the head of the Britbord project, which enables insurance brokers to produce and bind insurance documentation online for their clients, involving himself in the further marketing and distribution of the revolutionary ancillary technology package. With innovation at the forefront, Grant is likely to be charged with bringing the package to more insurance brokers across a wider distribution network, which will also help improve the back end revenue the system currently generates for Brit.

Both Grant and representatives from Brit Insurance are said to be delighted with the appointment, which Grant will assume with immediate effect. According to public announcements made by both parties today, Grant will be welcomed within the current business structure, and allowed sufficient freedom to guide the Britbord brand as well as further enhance the distribution of key Brit product lines.


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