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Tuesday 25th of September 2018
August 8, 2007

Basic skills reduce motor premiums

by Gill Montia

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Esure.com the Internet insurance business, is urging motorists to top up their map reading skills.

According to the insurer, 35% of the UK’s drivers are unable to read a basic map and the lack of such skills can lead motorists into dangerous situations, as many of us panic when lost.

Eight per cent of respondents to the Esure survey relied entirely on their satellite navigation systems to reach unfamiliar destinations, but the insurer is promoting map reading skills for the majority, as means safer driving and keeping insurance premiums down.

The results of the survey do not reveal a gender bias, whereas the Post Office has recently been polling women to find out how they are getting along with car maintenance.

The results challenge old-fashioned stereotypes, with 57% of respondents checking their oil and 44% able to top-up their anti-freeze.

A bold 21% could change a flat tyre if needed and 50% checked their tyre pressure regularly.

The survey indicates that women are becoming more conscious of the safety element of basic car maintenance, and also the benefits to the environment of a well-maintained vehicle.

Such findings could improve insurance quotes for women, when factored in with other more obvious considerations, like age and experience.


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