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Friday 19th of October 2018
July 26, 2006

Burglaries blight holiday season

by Brian Turner

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The holiday season is finally upon us. Time for fun, family, giving – – and taking? Some robbers make all their money for the upcoming year just over the months of November and December.

Because of the rise in break-ins, homeowners need to be checking more than their gift lists. They also need to check their insurances. Itʼs important for homeowners to be sure they are adequately covered.

Not only are the risks of robbery up at this time of year, but according to the British Insurance Brokers Association (Bibi) so is the risk for flooding because of the hard winter rains.

Holidays bring decorations, and decorations can also increase the risk of fire. Advent wreathes left unattended, over whelmed circuitry causing a blackout, and faulty writing can all end in disaster. Renters also need to make sure that they are covered.

Accidents are on the increase during this holiday time of year. People tend to be more distracted and in a bigger hurry, which leaves the backseat drivers as the only ones actually driving the car. Auto insurance should be kept up to date.

With all the traveling people often do during the holidays; travel insurance would also be a smart option to choose.

Being sufficiently insured is one of the most important aspects to living an enjoyable life.

Experts say that the end of the year sees burglaries increase about 25 percent more.


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