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Friday 26th of April 2019
July 8, 2005

Insurance firms re-assure London Bomb victims

by Brian Turner

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In the wake of the July 7 terrorist bombings in London and amid concerns that some victims might not have coverage, UK insurance companies rushed to assure victims and their families that they will process their claims quickly and with sympathy.

Several firms, including Standard Life, Axa-PPP and Norwich Union stated that their policyholders would be covered. At least one company, Norwich Union Healthcare, said that their policies do not have exclusion clauses for conventional terrorist attacks.

At least one insurer that does have an exclusion for terrorism, Churchill, said it would provide coverage to policyholders who are injured on the way to leave on holiday and will cover the return home of any policyholders who are away on holiday and hear that a close family member was injured or killed in the attacks. The coverage was to be extended in spite of the exclusion clause.


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