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Sunday 21st of January 2018
October 26, 2011

ABI offers flood damage advice

by Richard Kilner

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The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has advised those affected by the recent flooding in Northern Ireland, Wales and south-west England to contact their insurer as soon as possible.

Director of General Insurance Nick Starling said that it was precisely for such events that insurance existed, adding that insurers will have been aware of bad weather and put in place measures to ease the claims process.

Most home insurers will have 24-hour emergency lines, and if emergency repairs are necessary to prevent the worsening of any damage the insurer should be notified and receipts kept.

The ABI also advises that items which can safely be moved to an upper floor ought to be, that emergency contact numbers should be kept in a safe and waterproof place, and that TV/radio flood warnings ought to be heeded.

RSA and MORE TH>N Insurance have stated that they already have claims consultants in the worst affected areas and have increased the number of staff handling calls to deal with the increased volume of queries.


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