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Tuesday 17th of July 2018
October 10, 2011

Ring theft almost comes full circle

by Gill Montia

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A heritage claim received by charities insurer, Ecclesiastical, has had an unusual but welcome outcome with the return of an amethyst that once belonged in a ring stolen from the Helensborough home of the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

The theft took place on Christmas Eve 2010, with the thief undeterred by the fact that the ring was embellished by an engraving of the “burning bush” of the Old Testament.

However, the amethyst that formed part of the piece has now been returned to the Church’s Edinburgh head office in a handwritten envelope.

The ring’s gold band has most likely been melted down but Ecclesiastical will pay for the stone to be placed in an identical setting, allowing it to be returned to the Moderator and continue playing its traditional role in Church of Scotland ceremonies.

For anyone in possession of a gold band that looks as if it could be missing an amethyst, the Latin motto, “nec tamen consumebatur”, meaning, “yet it was not consumed” points to its rightful owners.


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