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Saturday 20th of January 2018
May 26, 2011

True cost of unhealthy living to be £33bn

by Richard Kilner

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New research from Bupa has revealed that unhealthy Britons are costing the NHS, employers and themselves £17.7bn a year.

If the current trends of unhealthy lifestyle choices continues to 2025 the cost is forecast to increase to £33bn.

A decline in obesity would be beneficial in every way, helping save individuals and the nation’s money both immediately and in the long term.

Similarly, the nation and its people would benefit if fewer people drank excessively or smoked habitually.

For example, smokers who quit can save themselves a staggering £1,555 a year and excessive drinkers who cut their habit to the recommended number of units will save £200 a year.

If the nation were to embrace healthier lifestyle choices then the individuals who make the change could save an enormous £22bn by 2025.

The £22bn potential saving arises from reduced expenditure on alcohol and cigarettes, respectively, of £5bn and £3.9bn and £7.4bn in extra earnings due to increased life expectancy.

The remainder comes from increased employment and increased earning potential due to lower levels of obesity.

Bupa’s Dr. Peter Mace said that the research highlighted the true cost of unhealthy living to both the nation and individuals as well as the huge potential savings to be made from healthier lifestyles.


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