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Wednesday 18th of July 2018
January 19, 2011

JLT and iREDD promote property transfer insurance

by Gill Montia

Story link: JLT and iREDD promote property transfer insurance

JLT Specialty and Intelligent Real Estate Due Diligence (iREDD) have teamed up to jointly promote and exploit new business opportunities in the UK real estate sector.

iREDD is a recently established insurance brokerage which promises a “unique and fresh approach” to the use of insurance products to speed up and improve the conveyancing and property transfer process.

The firm’s co-founder and general counsel, Robert McNally, explains: “iREDD works closely with lawyers, investors, developers, lenders, end users and others involved in residential and commercial real estate transactions, to provide a more flexible approach to the due diligence process.”

JLT partner, European real estate, Bill Gloyn, adds: “Many transactions have a legal issue that can be resolved by the use of insurance – a traditional lubricant for commerce.”


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