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Tuesday 17th of July 2018
November 29, 2010

Aviva warns businesses of snowy peril

by Richard Kilner

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Aviva warns businesses of snowy peril

Aviva is warning firms to beware the risks of structural damage caused by persistent and repeated snowfall.

Property Risk Manager Alistair Smith recalled last winter, which saw the heaviest and most prolonged snowfall for many years with no melting in between bouts of snowy weather.

This meant substantial quantities of snow built up, putting significant loads onto roofs and disrupting daily business activities.

In addition to the safety net of insurance, Smith advocates taking precautionary methods to try and prevent the problem arising in the first place.

He suggests checking roofs before bad weather sets in and checking it again to ensure there are no signs of structural weakness or damage when snow does fall.

Smith added that if there are doubts about a roof then the building should be evacuated until professional advice can be given.

After the record winter last year insurers have issued numerous warnings and much advice to the public.

Legal & General has urged homeowners to ensure that their homes are properly insulated, and advocated keeping the heating on overnight, if necessary, to prevent frozen and burst pipes.


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