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November 25, 2010

ABI warns against leaving cars unattended

by Richard Kilner

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The UK has had its first taste of winter weather today, and with more to follow the ABI has advised motorists not to leave their cars running unattended to defrost them.

Such cars are tempting targets for thieves, who are increasingly on the lookout for such opportunities.

Last winter in the UK was particularly cold and prolonged, and Lancashire police alone spotted 27 unattended cars, engines running, in just two hours.

In addition to the immediate problem of having lost your car, leaving the engine running and the car unattended can be considered not taking reasonable care and thereby invalidate an insurance policy.

ABI Director of General Insurance and Health Nick Starling has said that whilst the temptation to nip back inside whilst the car warms itself is may be there, it is unwise to leave a car unattended and can lead to a hefty financial penalty.

In January a gang known as The Ice Bandits received custodial sentences for car theft of this type when they took criminal advantage of the widespread snowfall.


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