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Friday 27th of April 2018
July 30, 2010

Young Marmalade helps promote road safety

by Richard Kilner

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Young Marmalade, specialist insurer for young drivers, is doing its bit to cut the number of deaths on roads, which total some 1.2 million every year.

August is National Road Victim Month, and this year the event’s prime focus is to cut the number of young deaths.

A third of the victims are under 25, and Young Marmalade deliberately targets this group, which is also the most likely to go without insurance due to typically high premium costs.

The insurer promotes safety by selling new or nearly new cars to its customers, preventing them from opting for a cheap and less safe ageing second hand alternative.

By choosing Provisional Marmalade, working in collaboration with Halfords, younger drivers can enjoy comprehensive car insurance on a family member or friend’s car for just £3 a day.

Young Marmalade’s Nigel Lacy explains that the firm’s approach means that parents need not worry about losing their No Claims bonus during the time their offspring practices, encouraging more practice and greater take up of insurance.

The affordable policy also discourages those tempted to participate in fronting, whereby a parent fraudulently claims that a child’s car is in fact their own, in order to acquire cheaper car insurance.


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