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Monday 23rd of July 2018
May 26, 2010

P J Hayman advises checking travel insurance details

by Richard Kilner

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Specialist travel insurer P J Hayman has urged travellers to read the small print when taking out travel insurance.

There have been a number of serious disruptions to British travellers’ plans recently, most notably the ongoing industrial strife at BA and the intermittent volcanic activity in Iceland.

Director Peter Hayman explained that cheap insurance can seem a good option, but can also risk leaving a traveller compromised when they actually need to make a claim.

Cheap travel insurance policies can fail to provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or include very strict terms for making a claim.

In addition, cheaper policies can offer feeble levels of coverage, very high excesses, complicated or confusing exclusions and are weak in a number of other areas where slightly pricier but better value for money policies provide a better offer.


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