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Tuesday 20th of February 2018
May 12, 2010

Volcanic disruption should not devalue travel insurance

by Gill Montia

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Volcanic disruption should not devalue travel insurance

If the name Eyjafjallajokul sounds familiar it is probably time to check out the latest advice on travel insurance.

Fair Investment Company is pointing out that travel insurance taken out since the Icelandic volcano erupted on 15th April will not generally cover claims resulting from the continued disruption.

However, travel insurance remains of vital importance and the recent volcanic difficulties make no difference to other factors likely to result in claims, such as illness, injury, and normal delays and cancellations.

Furthermore, according to the financial website’s personal finance editor, Rachael Stiles, there are some travel insurance providers that will pay out for volcanic ash incidents on policies taken out after eruption began.

For example, Saga is taking each volcanic eruption as a separate incident.

If travel insurance is taken out with the company when there are no flight disruptions and the next day the volcano causes further problems, cover is provided.

For those tempted not to bother with travel insurance at all, Fair Investment points out that emergency repatriation from the US can cost as much as £35,000, while those breaking a leg while across The Channel can expect a bill of £1,600.


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