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Tuesday 22nd of May 2018
March 29, 2010

Young British drivers score against European peers

by Gill Montia

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Young British drivers score against European peers

AXA is claiming that young British drivers are a better risk on the road than some of their European counterparts.

Research from the company shows that UK motorists under the age of 25 are more than 30% less likely to claim than those of a similar age in Spain or France.

When it comes to driving behaviour, the study highlights the following differences:

Twenty four per cent of drivers under 25 years in Britain admit to significantly exceeding the speed limit on the motorway, against a European average of 38%, and a mere 35% admit to driving too fast in built up areas compared to a European average of 52%.

Around 5% of young British drivers will get behind the wheel after more than two alcoholic drinks whereas the average is 18% across Europe (in Italy 31% and in Portugal 34%).

Across Europe, 32% of young drivers will overtake on a solid white line but in the UK this figure is just 13%.

Finally, 12% of young British motorists will overtake on the inside lane of the motorway compared with an average of 16% in Europe.

It also appears that the British motoring population as a whole is more focused on issues with young drivers than in other countries.

Forty nine per cent of Brits questioned believe prevention programmes for young drivers are a priority safety measure with 24% citing this as their top priority.

Across Europe, the figures fall to 41% and 19% respectively, with greater emphasis in other countries being placed on motorbikes and trucks.

AXA Insurance director for motor, Craig Staniland, says: “In Britain we do seem to be performing better than our European neighbours and as a whole seem to be more concerned about the issues surrounding young drivers.”

He adds hopefully: “AXA would like to see a return to what younger drivers might see as old fashioned values where there is more courtesy and respect on Britain’s roads.”


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