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Friday 17th of August 2018
January 18, 2010

Insurers and restorers need to renew trust

by Gill Montia

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SJS Consultancy is calling for more transparency between insurers and restorers, in the hope of simplifying and improving the claims process, and making a significant difference to the environment.

The company specialises in damage management and restoration, and founder Stuart Simpson notes: “For some years there has been an increasing lack of trust between the insurer and the restorer which has resulted in complicated, lengthy and disastrous results for the industry and environment.”

He attributes the failing to a perception that the restoration industry has been been making money “on the back of someone else’s disaster” and “stripping out properties without using available skills and resources to restore”.

According to Mr Simpson, insurance companies now question restorers’ added value, and more importantly, their work ethic.

However, SJS says it is committed to facilitating a better understanding between both parties and is therefore promoting a “zero strip out” policy across the UK.

In other news on insurance claims and the environment, M&S Home Insurance recently began offering policyholders the opportunity to reduce their CO2 emissions, should they make a claim.

The company now has a “sustainable reinstatement” policy for kitchen appliances, meaning that when a policyholder claims for a fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher, they will be offered a replacement which is A rated for energy-efficiency.


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