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Saturday 21st of July 2018
December 29, 2009

AXA launch motor claims iPhone app

by Richard Kilner

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AXA launch motor claims iPhone app

AXA Insurance has reacted to the fact that two in three British drivers are unsure what to do in an accident by the release of a new iPhone app for motor insurance claims.

The new app (AXAdent) is available via the Apple iTunes app store and aims to guide the unfortunate motorist through the claims process smoothly.

The app is available for free, to those who are members of AXA as well as those who are not, and is amongst the first of its kind in the UK.

Those utilising the new app will be able to use it for holding pertinent personal and policy information, taking photographs of the incident and exchanging details with other drivers involved.

In addition, the location and time of the accident will be logged using GPS data.

Should the car be undrivable, AXA users will have the extra benefit of being able to contact the closest approved repairer and be able to e-mail the claims team.

Earlier this month MORE TH>N launched a similar iPhone app, the Car Claim accident tool, which, like AXA’s, is available free of charge.


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