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Wednesday 25th of April 2018
November 26, 2009

Young Marmalade encourages safer driving

by Richard Kilner

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Specialist insurer for young motorists Young Marmalade is aiming to reduce the number of young male drivers on the roads after 11pm.

Nick Moger, co-founder, has stated that 90% of accidents involve young men between 11pm and 5am and expressed his view that the best way to combat this is to provide incentives not to drive during the riskier times of day.

Young Marmalade also provides young people with cars, and is to introduce surcharges for those who drive after 11pm or before 5am.

Moger added that the firm was not preventing driving at these times, but making the safer times of day cheaper as an incentive.

He went on to say that the firm was considering bringing in reimbursement for taxi fares during the 11pm-5am window to help keep vulnerable drivers off the road at those times.

Earlier this month Young Marmalade won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award at the Road Safety GB Conference, earning praise from Roadsafe director Adrian Walsh for its efforts to improve road safety.


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