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Wednesday 18th of July 2018
November 20, 2009

Delayed flight passengers now eligible for compensation

by Gill Montia

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Air travellers whose flights arrive at their destinations three hours late or more are now eligible for compensation.

Yesterday, the European Court of Justice ruled that the damage sustained by air passengers in cases of long delay is comparable with that of cancellation.

The Court said: “There is no justification for treating passengers whose flight is delayed any differently when they reach their final destination three hours or more after the scheduled arrival time.”

However, if the delay is caused by “extraordinary circumstances” airlines will not be obliged to pay out.

Such circumstances have to be beyond the control of the airline, meaning they could not have been avoided by “reasonable measures”.

Earlier this week, ProtectMyHoliday.com warned travellers to be cautious about Christmas holiday arrangement as the travel industry continues to face large losses.

According to the travel failure specialist, the International Air Transport Association recently predicted that the global airline industry will make a cumulative loss of €11 billion this year, a steep increase on the €9 billion estimated in 2008.

However, the firm estimates that over half of travellers leaving the UK during this year’s festive season will be without financial protection, despite the last two Christmases having seen a number of airline collapses.


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