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Tuesday 20th of February 2018
September 22, 2009

Aviva reveals UK’s most annoying driving habits

by Gill Montia

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Aviva reveals UK’s most annoying driving habits

Aviva’s RAC unit is attempting to improve the behaviour of the British motorist by launching a Road Respect campaign.

Research by the insurer has established that a third of drivers get mad at other road users three times in a week.

For drivers who are unaware of possessing any bad habits, the survey has also identified the top five most frustrating driving behaviours.

Driving too close at the rear offended 72% of those questioned, while 68% of respondents took offence at motorists having one hand on the wheel and the other on their mobile phone.

A similar proportion got angry when “cut up” and 65% saw red when vehicles made a turn without indicating.

Forty-eight per cent were choked with emotion when they gave way and didn’t get a thank you and 45% said they couldn’t stand motorists who drive significantly below the speed limit.

The research also revealed that 70% of drivers consider themselves respectful to other motorists most of the time, with a further 20% stating they drive with respect and courtesy at all times.

RAC motoring strategist, Adrian Tink, says the campaign “is all about promoting the best driving practices which cost nothing, take no time and make a big difference to other road users”.


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