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Monday 16th of July 2018
August 28, 2009

Internet shopping for burglars on social networks

by Richard Kilner

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Legal & General, in collaboration with reformed burglar Michael Fraser, has released a report entitled The Digital Criminal regarding the use of social media by the public and criminals.

According to the report many give away too much personal information over the internet, particularly on social network sites, which is then utilised by burglars to compile target lists.

Thirty-eight percent of Facebook users indicate when they are going on holiday, and 33% have stated when they will be away for a weekend.

Although circulation of such information can be limited at a user’s discretion there is concern that many are too willing to befriend those they scarcely know.

An experiment whereby 100 ‘friend’/’follow’ requests were put at random to Facebook and Twitter users saw acceptance rates of 13% and 92% respectively.

Michael Fraser has described the process as ‘internet shopping’, and stated it is a very simple process which can then be augmented by using sites such as Google Street View to then actually scope out the home of somebody who is known to be absent in the near future.

In July the ABI issued a warning to homeowners, urging them to take care of their property during the holiday season whilst absent.

The ABI went on to say that there were signs of a rise in burglary, fuelled by the recession.


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