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Monday 23rd of July 2018
February 24, 2009

Boat owners urged to fit anti-theft devices

by Richard Kilner

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Yacht and motorboat insurer Navigators & General has advised boat owners to be careful to adhere to security conditions in their insurance policies.

Failure to do so could render an otherwise legitimate claim null and void.

February is not a particularly popular month for using boats, meaning more are on trailers than at other times of the year and may be more vulnerable to theft.

Leaked concerns by the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, over the danger of a recession-caused surge in thefts and burglaries will do little to assuage fears amongst the country’s boat owners and highlights the importance of following the letter of insurance policies.

Navigators & General has confirmed that it has had to decline a number of policy payouts due to the policyholders failing to adhere to their security conditions.

Wheel clamps are not particularly expensive, particularly when weighed up against the cost of a boat, and the insurer has urged policyholders to make sure their craft are secure.

According to policeoracle.com, as long ago as September last year burglaries were up throughout England and Wales by more than 5%, and increased by a double-digit margin in some areas.

Given the deepening economic turmoil since then the dangers of rising crime are likely to increase rather than diminish in the near future.


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