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Wednesday 18th of July 2018
January 28, 2009

Praise for insurers’ websites

by Gill Montia

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Praise for insurers’ websites Praise for insurers’ websites

Research from Investis, the online corporate communications specialist, suggests that insurance companies are the best corporate website communicators.

In its quarterly review of FTSE 100 companies, the firm found that the websites provided by life insurers are rich with both content and functionality.

Aviva took first place and Prudential 12th having been assessed for clear and open communications about strategy, performance and risk.

Investis director Al Loehnis believes that insurers have “grasped the importance of corporate communications and have clearly given careful thought to the needs of different stakeholders”.

The insurance sector certainly outclassed the banking industry, where researchers found that little had been done to create websites that “inform, guide or reassure customers and shareholders during a period of unprecedented fear and uncertainty”.

According to Mr Loehnis “visitors to most bank websites in the last few months will have been left with a sense of business as usual, when it’s clear that their very existence has been at stake”.

The Investis Quarterly Corporate Website Review measures each FTSE 100 corporate site against criteria in eight different categories, including investor relations, corporate governance data, corporate social responsibility, careers and media.


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