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Friday 23rd of March 2018
December 30, 2008

Morning-after drink driving rampant, AA discovers

by David Masters

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Morning-after drink driving rampant, AA discovers

Four in five UK drivers believe they may have driven the morning after a night’s drinking when the level of alcohol in their blood was still too high for them to drive legally, a survey by the AA has discovered.

The online poll, conducted by Populus, also found that almost half of Brits know someone who drinks and drives.

With New Year’s Eve and accompanying parties approaching fast, AA president Edmund King warned that many drivers could still be over the limit on New Year’s Day.

King added that although morning after drivers may not deliberately be committing an offence, they are just as likely to be banned from driving as night-time drink drivers.

Drivers caught on the road whilst over the legal limit for alcohol can be temporarily banned from driving, pushing up their insurance premium when they are allowed back on the roads.

Moneysupermarket.com recently revealed that a one year ban for drink driving can increase insurance premiums by as much as 100%.

In a more positive discovery from the survey, drivers aged 25-34 were found to be the most likely to think about their alcohol levels before setting off in the car.

In addition, 67% of those surveyed said they would inform the police if they were aware someone was about to drive after excessive drinking.


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