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Monday 22nd of January 2018
May 16, 2008

Mobile phone motorists face higher premiums

by Richard Kilner

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Drivers who refuse to stop using mobile phones whilst at the wheel face not just attention from the police, but from insurers.

The AA has released data showing the motor insurers are penalising offending motorists with increased premium payments, or, in some cases, refusing to offer a quote at all.

At present the fixed fine for using a mobile whilst driving stands at £60, but in addition to that premiums can rise by as much as 18.1%.

The AA surveyed eight insurance firms, one of which confirmed that it would not even provide a quote to an offending motorist.

Of the seven insurers who would serve offending motorists, price rises for premiums increased by between 4.2% and 18.1%.

Motorists who do use phones when they drive risk having their licence taken away, if they are charged with careless driving as a result.

Careless driving offenders face even tougher sanctions from insurers, half of whom will not offer a quote.

Of those who do, premiums can soar by as much as 50.5%.


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