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Wednesday 25th of April 2018
March 12, 2008

Female motorists put themselves at unnecessary risk of theft

by Richard Kilner

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Sheilas’ Wheels, a womens’ car insurer, has discovered that female drivers are exposing themselves to unnecessary risks by leaving personal items in their cars.

On average the value of the goods is around £129, with a sum total of £2bn.

Research conducted by the insurer has revealed that three-fifths of women see their vehicle as an extension of their home.

Further, more than eight-tenths have confessed to leaving items of clothing or shoes in their cars frequently.

These statistics are thought to be linked to after-work activities, enabling women to change clothes and put on makeup without the need to return home.

Leisure activities, books and shoes are the most common items left in cars.

Such goods left on display are an obvious tempter for would-be thieves, but they also pose a problem if they become stuck under pedals, most obviously the brake.

A tenth of all women surveyed by the insurer said that they had either been involved in an accident or almost been involved in an accident due to this occurrence.

And should there be an accident the items can cause injury to either driver or passenger.

Sheilas’ Wheels encourages women, if they need or want to leave items in their cars, not to put them on display to lessen the risks of theft.


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