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January 31, 2008

Car insurers take on board green issues

by Richard Kilner

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Research has been conducted by uSwitch.com, which reveals that the number of green cars purchased last year rose by 70%, up from 10,000 to 17,000.

However, the green cars still only account for less than 1% of all Britain’s cars despite the fact that owning one could save the average motorist up to £300 per annum.

Green cars emit one sixth less carbon dioxide than non-green vehicles, and are also more economical to run.

Because of their greater efficiency, fuel bills would, on average, be slashed by £165 and road tax would be reduced by £125 by buying one.

The relatively recent consensus on climate change and the ensuing agreement on the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has meant that the latest cars emit almost 10% less than their older counterparts.

Car insurers have also been taking on board green issues, with new products that contribute towards developing environmentally friendly technologies and putting money towards good causes.

The range of carbon neutrality for car insurance can be as high as 100%.

Ashton Berkhauer of uSwitch.com has described how, more recently, the green factor has become more important when buying a car, particularly given the ever rising cost of fuel.

Berkhauer went on to say that purchasing a greener car is not only good for the environment, but good for your wallet.


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