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October 11, 2007

CETA Prepare To Launch New Back-End System

by Stewart Douglas

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CETA Prepare To Launch New Back-End System

Insurance network CETA has today launched its modified quotations system across its broker network as part of an ongoing modernisation process of its client relationships which it hopes will see it compete well into the next decade at the forefront of the market.

The newly revised system will give brokers within the general CETA network the chance to compare insurance policies at a glance on a visual basis to help fit the correct policy with the correct customer at the brokers’ table.

The system will also produce an easy to follow graphic for customer reference to enable more informed decision making on behalf of the individual client, with a view to increasing the effectiveness of policy sales throughout the network and overall revenues through minimizing the burden on specific policy literature.

CETA currently works with a network of independent brokers, providing products from a range of insurance companies in order to find competitive quotes for customer requirements with a view to creating a more customer friendly insurance environment.

It focuses largely within the business domain, offering insurance products for small businesses from liability through to indemnity, although expansion is forecast as a result of its recent technological advances.

CETA presently provides liability insurance to its broker network, but the new system means it will be able to offer a much more significant product range including professional liability quotes from a range of different insurance providers with its innovative side by side policy management system.

David Quick of CETA today hailed the steps as a major breakthrough for the way in which brokers manage their businesses and customer relationships.

The fully updated system is expected to be rolled out to the CETA network over the next few weeks, as bugs and other technical problems with the relevant applications are ironed out in the final stages of testing.


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