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September 14, 2007

Allianz Insurance Unveil New Training Programme

by Stewart Douglas

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Allianz Insurance Unveil New Training Programme

Allianz Insurance has today unveiled a raft of new training policies, which it anticipates is set to become a new industry benchmark for quality in staff training and development, as well as customer care.

The move follows the appointment of a new high profile training and development manager within the claims division, to oversee the initiatives as they come to fruition, which Allianz Insurance are suggesting will set them apart from the competition.

Richard Tricker, formerly of Skipton Financial Services, was awarded the tenure as an expert in training and development at a senior level to overlook the development of several new strategies towards excellence in customer care, product and market knowledge, and improving efficiency and impact in training processes.

Allianz has today said it is focused on transforming its Excellence in Claims model into a market leading training programme, in order to give it a competitive edge over other insurers within the same markets.

The programme includes further development of training materials in order improve staff awareness and understanding, as well as developing an innovative approach to handling customer enquiries to promote efficiency and customer care.

The new measures will also see initial staff training and induction take on a more direct focus to ensure staff are effectively trained from day one, whilst refining the process by which claims are handled to provide excellence in customer service.

The wide ranging measures will see uniform policy reforms across call centres and claims handling offices over the coming months, which Allianz are suggesting will give them a further competitive edge over other insurers.

The training programme is expected to commence over the next few months, as part of an ongoing corporate commitment to overhauling procedure and modernising customer care, according to the Claims Division Operational Manager Gay Lobb.


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