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Saturday 21st of July 2018
July 2, 2007

Healthy home and living insurance

by Brian Turner

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Exercise may be good for the mind and the soul, but it isnʼt proving so good for the pocket book. Each year, UK businesses are paying out millions of pounds because people cannot attend work due to injuries they have received from workout routines.

Not only are the businesses paying, but so are the insurance companies. People are causing harm to their homes and their possessions from workouts. Insurance companies estimate that around 125 million pounds has been paid out over the last five years because of exercise mishaps.

It could be something as simple as a dumbbell slipping from a sweaty palm and flying through the window, or an over enthusiastic kick during an aerobics video that sends the vase crashing to the floor, or an out of control exercise ball rolling over the lamp, but the accidents are happening. Experts are recommending that homeowners look into their comprehensive coverage of their homeownerʼs insurance policies before they actually need the coverage.

It is also recommended that homeowners periodically check their insurance policies for their basic coverage needs. Over the years, new coverage may be needed and old coverage may not. There may be cause to get new coverage on old content.

With so many homes getting the new technologies, it is recommended that insurance is bought to cover these particular items. It is a good idea to have extra coverage for the televisions, computers, and hi-fi systems.


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